Handicap Parking and other Parking for Pioneer Days

Please watch for and obey all parking signs and law enforcement, as the traffic flow downtown will be modified Saturday, Sept. 30, for Pioneer Days in downtown Mountain View. Several downtown streets and alleyways will be closed to allow for the festival. Street closure and parking information is provided to help you plan ahead.

Street closures

Street closures include 1st Street (east-west) between Pine and Elm Street, Oak Street (north-south) between 1st and 3rd Street, 2nd Street (east-west) between Pine and the Walgreen’s parking lot; and Elm Street (north-south) between 2nd and 1st Street.

Handicap parking

Handicap parking for Pioneer Days on Saturday, Sept. 30, can be found in the SBU parking lot.

General parking

Other parking areas include the following:

North of the Pioneer Day area: the City Hall parking lot, Mountain View Elementary parking lot on 3rd St. and Duncan Funeral Home parking lot on Elm Street and 2nd.

West/southwest of the Pioneer Day area: Mountain View Municipal Airport parking lot

Southeast of the Pioneer Day area: Assembly of God parking lot at Washington and Pine and the football field parking across from the Assembly of God.



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