Relocation & Rentals

We are glad to welcome you to Mountain View, Missouri! Please call the Chamber at 417-934-2794 and we will mail you a relocation packet or assist in any way possible.

Rental Property Owners – Mountain View, Missouri

Type of Housing Contact Name Phone Number
Houses Kathleen Hensley 417-257-8685
Houses Kay Burks 417-934-5189
Houses Ma Benton 417-259-0965
Houses Bob Tate 417-934-6410
Houses Roy Renegar 417-934-2605
Houses Jeff Walker 417-274-2953
Houses Kenny Smith 417-940-8686
Houses Chris Bryant 417-247-1246
Houses Earlene Morton 417-934-2147
Duplexes Smith Flooring (no HUD houses) 417-934-2291 ext. 215 (Stuart)
Duplexes Dennis Lowe 417-934-2373
Duplexes Ronnie Reeves 417-932-6020
Duplexes Rowlett Enterprise 417-252-4050 (Chris)
Mobile Homes Mtn. View Mobile Estates 417-934-1872 (Jerry)
Apartments Maplewood Court 417-254-0660 (Forrest Marshall)
Apartments Valley View Apartments 417-934-6276
Apartments Mtn. View Apartments 417-934-6227
Apartments Briarwood Apartments 417-932-5543 (Melissa Woolsey)
Apartments Westwood Apartments 417-247-0289 (Mary West)
Senior citizens Mtn. View Senior Housing 417-934-6815 (office)
Senior citizens Brookview Apartments 417-934-6523 (Alice Piper)
Senior citizens Park Ridge Apartments 417-934-6818 (Rita Cooper)