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Community History

A photo of what Mountain View used to be like

A photo of what Mountain View used to be like

Mountain View was established in 1878 with a post office, however, it is still debated who founded the town.

In about 1866 Mountain View was settled when Green McClellan built the first store. They used a money called a “Klondyke”, which is said to resemble the metal mills no longer used to pay sales tax.  Also a large deal of barter was carried on since there was not a lot of money in the region. For example, if McClellan got a large number of hogs in trade, he and several helpers would drive them to Rolla, a trip that would take about a week. They would camp at night and travel by day. The oxen that pulled the wagons loaded with hogs to Rolla pulled supplies back to Mountain View. These staples consisted mainly of salt, sugar, soda, and coffee beans.

Others claim the founder of Mountain View was John Goldsberry. Goldsberry owned a store here, and in 1878 established a post office, formally naming the town Mountain View. Along with co-owner John Campbell, Goldsberry hauled their produce from Salem or Rolla. In 1882, K.C.F.S.M. & B. Railroad was built from Kansas City to Memphis, Willow Springs and West Plains, so merchandise was hauled from there until the Current River Road was built. In the winter of 1885, the railroad was laid through Mountain View.

Before the railroad, most of the town was laid around the road that runs along the graveyard. After the completion of the Current River Road, F.M. Pollock, who owned 200 acres of land around the present town site, succeeded in encouraging the change of the main town to where First Street is today. He did this by giving the railroad company the depot site. Today, the Mountain View Community Center stands in its place.

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