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Parks & Recreation

Mountain View has several parks and recreational fields where the community gathers to play.

Mountain View has five parks to enjoy.

Veteran's Park amphitheater

Veteran’s Park amphitheater

Veteran’s Park, on east Fifth St., is home to a special veteran’s memorial. It also is home to an outdoor amphitheater, where the city often hosts summer music concerts and movies, a playground, basketball courts, restrooms, picnic tables and a pavilion.

Wayside Park, at 900 east Fifth St., is a large open park next to the community pool, with a playground, two pavilions, historic log cabin, caboose, picnic tables and restrooms.

Joggers on the trail at West Park

Joggers on the trail at West Park

West Park, on north Pine St., is host to the Mountain View Farmer’s Market from early spring until fall. Facilities include a pavilion, restrooms and a walking trail featuring trees of geographical significance.

What Park, on north Pine St., has a walking trail, picnic tables, seasonal garden and historic jail house.

Rotary Nature Park, Mountain View’s newest park locatedĀ on north Ash Street has walking trails, picnic tables, native flowers and an outdoor classroom.

Athletic fields/courts
Mountain View has numerous baseball, softball, soccer and tennis courts for community use. The Herb Henry Baseball field and softball field, located off of Fifth St. across from Wayside Park and the community pool, are used by youth, school and adult leagues throughout the year. Mountain View’s tennis courts, behind the pool, are open daily. Soccer fields for youth leagues can be found off of Highway 60 behind the Honeysuckle Inn.

In addition, the school district’s sports complex, including football field and track, is located off Highway 17 in Mountain View.

Swimming Pool
Mountain View Swimming Pool is located at 900 east Fifth St., and is open during the summer. Call the pool at (417) 934-6540 for open swim times, swimming lessons and water aerobics. The pool is also available to rent for parties and gatherings.

Golf Course
Find out more about the Mountain View Municipal Golf Course by clicking here.

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