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Click on the link below to see the auction boards. We do our best to keep them current!  Mountain View Chamber of Commerce will make the call on any identical high bids received at the same time.  Auction items must be paid for and picked up by April 6.

To place a bid, email or call (417) 934-1111.

Refresh or reload the page to update to current bids.

This is our current list of items that will be up for bids next week. We are still adding to it!

Auction 2018-6 Auction 2018-5 Auction 2018-4 Auction 2018-3 Auction 2018-2 Auction 2018-1 Here are pictures of some of the items we will be selling.


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Woolseys2 Woolseys IMG_2654 (1024x768) IMG_2653 (1024x918) IMG_2652 (1022x1024) IMG_2651 (1024x768) IMG_2650 (787x1024) IMG_2649 (818x1024)

IMG_2655 (1024x977) IMG_2665 (768x1024) IMG_2670 (1024x768) IMG_2671 (1024x768) IMG_2675 (1024x767) IMG_2676 (768x1024) IMG_2678 (1024x768) IMG_2679 (1024x971) IMG_2680 (1024x786) IMG_2681 (1024x706) IMG_2683 (1024x563) IMG_2684 (709x1024) IMG_2685 (1024x600) IMG_2686 (768x1024) IMG_2688 (1024x1006) IMG_2691 (1024x629) IMG_2692 (1024x768) Qualify FloorsIMG_2882 (649x1024)