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Golfing at the Mountain View course

Golfing at the Mountain View course

Come and stay! Mountain View is the ideal place to grow your family or enjoy your retirement. In our town, you are truly a neighbor. We are proud of our hospital and medical clinics, where caring providers will manage your health care needs. Mountain View boasts a satellite university campus in the heart of our downtown, and pride in our local schools is second to none! Along with a wonderful library, movie theater, bowling alley, restaurants, and local shopping, Mountain View has what you want in your hometown.

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Miller Accounting

230 West First Street

Mountain View, MO 65548

(417) 934-6132

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday


Miller Accounting1

Debbie Reed, Nona Miller, owner, and Matt Derryberry

Miller Accounting is locally owned and operated by Nona Miller. The practice has been in Mountain View for a very long time. Mildred Barnum opened it in 1964. She sold the practice to Phyllis and Buster Easton in 1971. The Eastons owned it for 20 years before they sold to Miller in 1991.

The location has changed along with its owners. Some may remember when it was across from the post office.

“They used to be where John Musille has his jewelry shop,” Miller noted. “It was there for a long time.”

It moved to First Street, where Toadstool’s etc. is currently located, and was there for several years. Then, Miller moved the practice to its current location at 230 West First Street in 1993. The practice is open all year-long and is gearing up for a busy tax season now.

“Tax season is our busiest time of the year. However, we are open year round for our business clients because we do year round payroll and accounting,” said Miller.

The practice serves everyone, including individuals filing their personal taxes, farms, small businesses, partnerships, nonprofit organizations and corporations.

When it comes to filing taxes, Miller completes at least 90 hours of training a year and stays up to date on the latest in taxes.

“We were actually the first firm in Mountain View to file electronically from our location,” said Miller.

Today, they offer a program where people do not have to pay up front.

“We have a service where they will withhold my fees from their tax return, which they can have refunded by direct deposit, check in the mail or at our office or by debit card,” said Miller. “The debit card does cost a little more.”

Electronic filing starts Jan. 23 this year. Some refunds will be delayed this year.

“We can start filing taxes electronically on Jan. 23; however, if you are receiving earned income credit or child tax credit, they are not going to issue those refunds until Feb. 15,” stated Miller.

The government’s decision to delay is due to the increase in fraudulent tax returns in recent years.

“Most of those fraudulent tax returns are filed in the first two weeks of tax season,” explained Miller. “In order to catch more of those or prevent someone else from using your information to file a tax return, they are not issuing those until Feb. 15. You may not receive them until Feb. 27.”

“It is for their protection. I know in our area it hurts because a lot of people are not working in January and February and they really need that money now,” Miller added.

Miller Accounting sends out notifications to their clients of what they will need to file their taxes each year. They also offer organizers to help clients organize their tax information.

“Make sure you bring in all of your W-2s and 1099s. A lot of people forget they worked some place at the beginning of the year or they received something from unemployment for a week or two,” said Miller.

Businesses also need to make sure to properly document payments of $600 or more for rent or services paid to entities other than corporations.

“In the past 1099s weren’t due until the end of February, but this year they are due Jan. 31 and they have to be sent in to the IRS,” said Miller. “In the past, if you didn’t file a 1099 on someone, there could be a penalty of $50. This year that penalty has risen to $1,000. If you paid anyone $600 or more and they are not a corporation, then you need to give them a 1099 or you could be fined $1,000 per 1099.”

This year Miller Accounting is offering new services – audit protection and identity theft protection.

“It’s an additional cost. The identity theft protection is something I’m recommending,” said Miller. “Both programs are good.”

Matt Derryberry joined Miller Accounting in September 2016 and will be working his first tax season with the practice. Derryberry, the son of Darrell and Ruthetta Derryberry, is a graduate of Winona High School and was recently elected Shannon County Public Administrator. He received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 2013. He worked in Springfield and Arkansas with a couple of different firms before returning to the area so his wife and her cousin could open a pharmacy in Cabool. He is working on his CPA.

Also working in the office is Angie Young, who has been with the practice 15 years, and Debbie Reed, who has been there three years.